The Curse of Empire and the Russian Lie

The Curse of Empire and the Russian Lie

Russia and Ukraine in Context
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Probably no other Czech print medium has paid as much attention to the growing imperial ambitions of Putin’s Russia and the events in Ukraine as Kontexty, a political and cultural review published since 1990. The aim of this book is to provide a deeper understanding of the histories, cultures and ways of thinking of Russia and Ukraine, their mutual relationship over the centuries and the current trends in the development of both societies. The book offers a rich collection of articles and studies by authors who have been examining these issues in the long term, whether on the pages of Kontexty or elsewhere. It includes essays by, among others, Petr Fiala, the prime minister of the Czech Republic, Alexandr Vondra, former Czech minister of defence and currently a member of the European Parliament, Constantin Sigov, a Ukrainian philosopher and Andrzej Nowak, a renowned Polish historian.

‘I hope this book will help us to understand better what is going on in Ukraine today and its causes; most importantly, how we can avoid making mistakes and underestimating risks that threaten our security.’
Petr Fiala, prime minister of the Czech Republic

‘Enough of false hopes that we will have the Russia we dream of. Russia remains here, it is not going anywhere, and we must take it as it truly is: without illusions and irresponsible underestimations.’
Alexandr Vondra MEP (ECR)

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