Put your people first

Put your people first

and the rest will follow
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Monika Hilm
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“Monika has captured the true essence of the importance of happy people in your organization and not just in the hospitality industry but across all industries where people interact with customers. A must read for those in the hotel business where the author, Monika, a hotelier, has demonstrated how successful this approach can be…” Girish Jhunjhnuwala (Founder & CEO Ovolo Hotels, Hong Kong) 

 “I am really enjoying the book and the hands-on approach to all things related to good leadership. As you say, work from where the fish stinks: the head. I lived the different aspects of the T. Rex and recognized many others who have been part of my career path and the reason I opted out of what sometimes were great jobs. I also love the talk on motivation and rewards. The thrust is happiness... and the very significant role leaders play in making the workplace happier.” Michelle Baker (Owner of The Barefoot Facilitator and executive coach) 

 “No back-breaking number crunching has ever made a company great – but aspiration and inspiration does! The best leaders think, talk and act in the best interest of their people first, not numbers.
…if you want to explore more how to do this, sit down somewhere comfortable with a nice view and read Monika´s book… ;)” Rupert Simoner (CEO Vienna House)

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